Winter Sculpture Park 2023
Gallery No.32 presents the third edition of WINTER SCULPTURE PARK; an annual outdoor exhibition of contemporary sculpture and public art. Explore the work of over 40 UK & international artists as we transform 4 acres of disused farmland into London's largest FREE Sculpture Park.

'Please DO TOUCH the sculpture thank you'
The interactive work 'Please DO TOUCH the sculpture thank you' opposes the typical rules seen in public art and gallery settings. Inspired by the bead maze tables often found in waiting rooms to entertain children, the work uses wood and ceramic materials to create a tactile and tangible activity. The sculpture aims to encourage play in both children and adults within the outdoor environment, the traditional space of play.

Exhibiting Artists
Suzanne Anthony, Butch Attai, Alexander Brain, Rebecca Buckley, Tere Chadwick, Nathalie Coste, Paddy Docherty, Emmely Elgersma, Lucy Faherty, Darcey Fleming, Charlie Franklin, Anta Germane, Mia-Jane Harris, Mark Houghton, William Michael Hudson, Simon Kennedy, Sing A Song on the Ground Collective (Junchao Ren, Zhoabo Yang, Patrick Jones), Dion Kitson, Lady Kitt, Alex Lidagovsky, Olana Light, LUAP, John Matheson, Ben Oakley, Sara Osman, John Pedder, Gabriele Risso, Catriona Robertson, Chloé Rochefort, Mike Sprout, Laura Such, Jamie Temple, Chris Thompson, Erika Trotzig, Nicola Turner, Fredrix Vermin, Evil Genius, Tabitha Weddell, Alex Young, and Danny Young.

Curated by Meg Stuart and Kieran Idle.

Gallery No.32, Bexley, DA5 3QG
18 Febuary - 29 April 2023